Building a Smart Kitchen: An Intelligent Investment or a Fever Dream?


All things tech has undoubtedly made life easier and many activities a lot more approachable for most people. While it does have its ups and downs concerning screen time and unhinged addiction, technology does provide a net positive with all things considered. In fact, barring all the bad stuff that stems from destructive habits, technology is what kept us sane throughout this global pandemic, and it’s the single infrastructure that allows communication and collaboration from across the world.

Furthermore, even our homes and essential appliances are being embedded with semiconductors and chipsets to make our lives more comfortable. Television sets support 8K resolution for our movie marathons and even the showerhead to keep the temp just how we like it. However, the kitchen space hasn’t received the same amount of love and attention, and while smart kitchen appliances exist, their adoption has always lagged. So, today, we’ll be finding out why you should build a smart kitchen and the flaws that say otherwise.

#1 Saves You Time and Money (For a Bit More Upfront)

Although it might be a bit hard to believe that a smart appliance that’s substantially more expensive than the basic one can save you more money, it’s the truth! Sure, you pay more upfront, but considering the quality and extra functionality you receive, it pays for itself and more over time.

For example, a smart fridge can help keep track of expiration dates through adjustable food reminders, so you don’t accidentally forget about that one ingredient just sitting at the back. Meanwhile, a smart electric range oven can cook things much faster, with options for little to no oil, and lets you monitor everything from your phone.

#2 Stay Accessible and Never Lose Connection

We know how annoying it can be having to put your movie-binging needs to a pause to head into the kitchen. Still, a smart kitchen completely removes this annoyance because it lets you stay accessible and promises you never lose connection. In fact, you can even mirror your TV screen onto the smart fridge so you can keep watching Bo Burnham’s new special Inside while you’re whipping up dinner.

And in addition to that, most smart appliances feature excellent inter-connectivity, so you won’t have to worry about certain aspects being limited to one area because the same can most likely be experienced from anywhere in the house. Therefore, you won’t always need to depend on slouching and using your phone to stay on the internet or multi-task.

#3 A Complete Hands-free and Automatic Experience

Another excellent benefit to building a smart kitchen is how it provides you with a complete hands-free & automatic experience, one wherein you wouldn’t need to be in the kitchen at all times to supervise and double-check on everything that’s cooking. For example, a smart coffee machine can be set on a regular schedule to prepare the perfect morning brew every time you pass by.

Plus, most of these features can be accessed and monitored in real-time from your phone, so with a swipe and tap, you can easily preheat the oven for baking while you finish up folding the laundry. Nothing comes close to this hands-free experience, and you’ll even like it’s a crime to have so much flexibility!

Of Course, a Smart Kitchen also Has Some Flaws

coffee maker

Despite the apparent benefits of building a smart kitchen for your home, it’s a project not without flaws, and it’s only fair that we acknowledge some of the shortfalls of building one. Sure, it may look nice and whisper sweet melodies into our ears, but it would be all for naught if the disadvantages only worse your current circumstances.

  • Expensive Installation Costs and Downpayment: As we’ve mentioned before, building a smart kitchen comes with the burden of expensive installation costs and quite the hefty downpayment. And despite the changing sentiment for the current chip shortages, prices remain at an all-time high, making them even less financially sound to purchase right now.
  • A Bit More Effort to Learn and Understand: Much like any new gadgets, there’s always a learning curve and a barrier to entry for all new users. And unlike your basic appliances that are pretty much understandable from the get-go, smart kitchen appliances will take quite a bit more effort to learn and utilize efficiently.

Nevertheless, Let Your Kitchen Embrace Modernity

Overall, regardless of the potential risks and flaws of building a smart kitchen space, it still ends in a net positive for you if you let your kitchen embrace modernity. So, if you have the time and money to invest, we strongly recommend you start looking around as soon as possible!

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