Content Creation: Planning and Strategy Tips for Small Businesses

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Content marketing is even more crucial for small businesses. Unlike bigger brands, they don’t have access to enough marketing resources. For such reason, smaller companies need to ensure that the content marketing tactics implemented are worth every marketing money spent. But if done right, content can provide fantastic benefits to a small business.

A strong content marketing strategy can help startups acquire familiarity, showcase their expertise, amplify social presence, and surpass their competition. If you’re also a small-business owner, here are several steps to help you build a solid content creation process.

Learn about your audience

The biggest crime your business can commit is producing content that is either irrelevant or uninteresting to your customer base. Begin by defining your target audience and then match search intent. Conduct comprehensive research about their buying habits, interests, and preferences. You can perform online or physical surveys and gather opinions about your service or the entire brand. Or, you can use content buyer personas to determine who you’ll be writing for. You can also get to understand your audience by testing the waters. Try different content styles and see what works.

Recycle and repurpose

Investing time and money in creating new content projects isn’t always the best solution. Before writing and sharing new content, spend time looking into what you already have. Content recycling is an efficient and affordable method to consider. Determine your top-performing content and update it. You can increase its length or add newer and more examples. Check for blog posts that you can break down into interesting series. You can repurpose past videos into clips or create roundup posts from previous brand tweets. If you’re rewriting an old article, relaunch it as if it’s new but don’t change the URL.

Consider the commercial value

Content isn’t only vital for creating genuine customer relationships or building authority. But it’s also meant to provide your business with more commercial returns. Like other business activities, content creation should be measured, tested, and upgraded. Figure out your brand’s potential by looking into KPIs or content metrics. Furthermore, you need to understand the importance of maturity in content creation. It can take months to create highly effective content. If your team doesn’t have enough experience in improving content operations, find a credible digital marketing agency that can. Most of these experts can help you with content creation and other facets of your marketing campaigns.

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Add stories and examples

Whether you’re updating old content or writing a new one, incorporating relevant stories and examples can make it more interesting and engaging. You can make it personal by adding the experiences of the writer and injecting a little narrative with the conflict or characters. Don’t forget the visual examples too. You can create a more appealing and compelling thread to hook your audience by producing simple yet relevant and true content. In addition to that, ensure your content showcases your brand’s unique attributes and is shareable too.

Create a conversion-focused website

A poorly functioning home base can jeopardize your entire content creation plan. Startups and small businesses should put a lot more effort into their website. Make it easy for your audience to access your blog posts and eventually obtain higher ROI by creating a conversion-focused website. If you don’t have a professional web designer or developer in the team, bring in the experts. Find a company that can design and develop a website that suits your marketing needs. You’d also need to determine the cost of website creation and check if it fits your budget. To get a better idea of the process and cost of creating a website, it’s best to consult a reliable digital marketing expert directly.

Plan for the promotion

That amazing content would be useless if people can’t see it. Once you have a concept for creating quality and relevant content, it’s time to plan the promotion. Figure out where your target audience spends most of their time, when they use the platform, and how they like to consume content. There are several promotion options that you can use to get your content into the audience easily. These include your blog site, social media, email broadcast, online communities, guest posts, or paid ads.

Putting a new brand into the minds of the customers is always a struggle for small businesses. Not only do they lack the knowledge and experience but also the resources to make it happen. But by establishing the right content creation strategy, a small company can provide value to its target audience and produce higher ROI.

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