Long-distance Relationship: How Can You Try to Make It Work?

woman in a long distance relationship

Most people find it hard to believe that long-distance relationships can work. Your family will discourage you from keeping a relationship with a partner who is physically thousands of miles away. Your friends may frown at the effort — communicating every day, sending care packages, and flying to and from your partner’s place — that you’re putting in the relationship. They might think that you need to be with someone who can physically be with you. Don’t listen to them.

If you have fallen in love with this person, there’s nothing anyone can do. Install a residential VoIP phone service so that your phone bills won’t balloon too much and you can still communicate with your loved one. The key to maintaining a long-distance relationship is open and honest communication. That’s the basis of all the rules that any relationship might have. Below are suggestions for making a long-distance relationship work:

Clear up Expectations and Set the Rules

It should be as clear as day to you both what kind of relationship you’ll have while you’re physically not together. Are you exclusive? Can you date other people? Are you committed to making this work? It is important to clear up any expectations that the other party — or both of you — may not be willing to commit to. Both of you need to understand that the work needs to be done for the relationship to work.

Do Not Lie

This is the cardinal rule of all kinds of relationships and situations, whether you are physically together or not. Even those little white lies will get you in trouble. When you lie, your partner feels that something is wrong. There’s no explanation for that feeling. They will just know that something is not right, especially if you have been together for long. They can catch all your little nuances.

Set a Timeline

It is equally important to know that this setup will not last forever. If you haven’t talked about that before, you should begin now because one of you might feel that there is no goal to the relationship. What should you do to maintain a relationship with someone who’s going to be away for the next five or seven years? Is there an end-goal on sight? When will the distance stop?

Don’t Communicate Excessively

in a video call

Even in long-distance relationships, communicating often is not recommended. You might want to compensate for the distance by talking all the time, but this isn’t the way to go if you want the relationship to last. You will end up not having anything to talk about when it’s time to make that video call. You’ve spent all day sending messages about how your day went that when it’s time to actually talk on video, you’ve already exhausted all topics.

Talk Sexy

Since you cannot be physically together, you have to make do with sexy phone calls for now. A huge part of a long-distance relationship is knowing that you still find each other sexually attractive. Make that known through calls, videos, and photos. But, of course, be careful with how you share these intimate details as you don’t want them falling into the wrong hands.

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is possible. You don’t need magic to make the relationship work. Your effort and commitment are enough to make the distance inconsequential.

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