10 Signs Your Business May Have Been Hacked

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It’s essential for business owners and managers to be aware of any subtle security threats since they do not always announce themselves as some other business disruptions may. That is why it is recommended to use reliable network security penetration testing to help you find network security vulnerabilities before hackers do.

While some security threats are totally obvious, such as a virus that takes over your computer and starts sending out spam emails from the company account or an individual user account (both of which can lead to termination if the damage is severe), many hacking threats go undetected.

Here are ten signs you should keep an eye out for:

1. Frequent or Suspicious Changes to the DNS Records

A small change to a few numbers in the DNS records can be terrible, as it could allow someone from another network to connect to your computers and upload a virus or malware that can then do other nasty things, such as allowing hackers access to personal information.

Often, this happens because an employee has been tricked into believing a malicious email is legitimate and makes a slight change in the DNS records before clicking on the attachment.

2. Email Accounts Are Not Working Properly

Besides spamming all of your employees with phishing emails, hackers may also use those compromised accounts to send out their own email scams.

If you notice any issues with your mail server working properly-you should also check to see if your email accounts are working correctly.

3. Changed or Irregular Emails in the ‘Sent’ Folder

Since it is straightforward for hackers to hack into an individual’s account, they can also use that access to send emails from another user’s email address (such as the CEO) and reply with changed information or attack other users within your company by sending malicious attachments or malware through email.

If you notice any strange activity in the ‘sent’ folder-be suspicious!

4. Your Computers Are Slow, Unresponsive, or Files Are Missing
data protected by using software

Most people might think these symptoms are related to a computer virus or malware, which could be true even if no hacking was involved.

However, if you see these symptoms and feel other network security measures may be necessary, take action immediately.

5. Your Website Seems ‘Off’ or Is Not Working Properly

Hackers can manipulate DNS records to send visitors to their own malicious site that steals information such as passwords and credit card numbers.

Hence, business owners need to keep an eye on your website and ensure it works properly 99% of the time. If you notice any unusual activity with your website-you should take a closer look at network security and network monitoring.

6. You Are Receiving Unsolicited Phone Calls from Inside or Outside the Company

While this could simply mean your network security has been breached, calls from inside or outside the company could also mean someone’s prankster son is trying to call his mom and has hacked into the network security.

7. New Employees Appear on Your Network

Hackers can hack into network security, so they can access your network remotely, which means if a new employee starts working at your company but never signs up for network monitoring or any other network security measures, it could be because they were brought in by hackers who have now gained entrance using that new employee’s email account after breaching network security.

8. You See Unusual Computers Showing Up on Your Network Security Monitor

If you notice any unusual computers that were not there before on your network security monitor, it could be a significant warning sign of network security hacking.

9. You Notice Changes in the Network Security Firewalls

When network security is breached, hackers can make hundreds of changes to network firewall settings, so if you notice anything unusual on the network security side of things (the servers where software updates are stored for network firewalls).

It’s time to double-check all connections and network cables for any suspicious activity that could indicate hacking.

10. You Notice a Strange Increase in Network Traffic

When network security is breached, hackers will leave numerous packets of data within network traffic as they make their way through your network and try to cover their tracks

So if you notice an unusual spike in the network activity, be sure to check the network security measures in place currently before taking any steps.

Keep your business safe and network secure by keeping an eye out for these ten signs your business may have been hacked. If you notice any of these signs, you should immediately contact network security professionals.

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