Three Most Effective Ways to Boost Mobile App Downloads

No matter how expertly developed, visually appealing or market relevant your mobile app is, if it just sits in the app store not being downloaded, then it’s worth nothing. While a few downloads are somewhat ‘better’ than not having any, too low of a number is still bad. It turns off users, judging the app as unreliable even before they click on your icon.

When you develop a mobile program, the result you want to see, of course, is lots of people storing that app on their phones and actually using it. But that’s no easy task. App stores are saturated with so many different programs that it’s hard to stand out. Here are ways you can increase your chances of getting downloads.

Improve your app’s visibility in the store

In short, prioritise app store optimisation (ASO). Many factors affect the visibility of your app in the store, one of which is the title. When you use a keyword popular and relevant to your target audience, you’re increasing the chances of users finding your app. So when naming your app and filling up its description, make sure to study closely the keywords your target audience is using.

Another consideration for your ASO is the reviews. The more positive reviews you have, the higher the app’s rating will be. Once it’s more visible, it’s more likely to be downloaded. Focus on your ASO. Experts who provide iPhone app development should be able to help you in this effort.

Increase your online presence

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Not only should you master the game in the app store; you should also push brand visibility in other online platforms, like in search engines and social media networking sites. Build a website for your app. Fill it with content describing what your app is, what it’s useful for and how users can maximise it. Publish regularly on its blog section.

Note that you don’t need to spend bucks for a website. There are a lot of free software programs out there that allows you to build your own. You just have to make sure that your brand’s image in the website aligns with what you’re presenting in the app store. Promote your app on social media as well. Decide which specific platforms based on your audience persona. If your target app users are foodies, they’re likely to visit visuals-heavy sites, such as Instagram and Pinterest, so put your content there.

Let everyone talk about your app

It’s not enough to create buzz on your own — you have to push other people to rave about your app too. A lot of businesses tap the media for this, sending press kits to lifestyle journalists who do reviews and features of apps. You can also reach out to bloggers, but make sure to match it with the niche of your app.

For instance, if your app is a restaurant booking platform, then reaching out to food bloggers your target audience trusts is the best way to promote. Bloggers can give huge benefits in terms of information dissemination since they have a lot of platforms, like their own website, YouTube channel and social media accounts.

Downloads are the lifeblood of mobile apps. So remember your goal even at the initial stages of development: more and more downloads. When you’re able to launch already, remember these strategies.

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