Wearable Tech: Keep Up with the Times with Gadgets You Can Wear

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With all the advances in technology, it feels like we are living in the science fiction world. There are no better examples of this than the variety of wearable gadgets that are now available on the market. Once only the realm of sci-fi movies and stories, people can have a variety of devices that they can wear to improve their lives. Here is a list of what you can get now.

Fitness Trackers

The simplest wearable gadget option is the fitness tracker. As the name suggests, it focuses on providing the wearer complete information about their fitness activities. It usually tracks how many steps you have taken, your heartbeat activity, and more. The more complicated ones can link to a central database so that you can record your performance. You can then compare it with your past data to see how far you have come. It can be great for those who are counting calories since they have a good idea of how many calories they have burned for the day. Fitness trackers are also some of the most affordable wearable gadgets out there, so you can likely get one easily.

Smart Watches

Another popular option for wearable technology is the smartwatch. Apple has come out with a pretty example of this product. Smartwatches are paired with your smartphone to add more functionality to them. Usually, your smartwatch can allow you to use your phone without even needing to bring it out. With a simple flick of the finger, you can make a call on your watch, which is something sci-fi and cool. Improved functions of newer smartwatches can allow you to use hand signals to give commands to your smartphone.

Smart Glasses

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If there is any wearable gadget that feels futuristic, it is smart glasses. The most popular example right now is Google Glass, which allows for online browsing through simple voice commands. You can even use it to record and share your visual experiences. But smart glass eyewear can do more than that. Some applications for smart glasses allow it to widen a person’s field of vision, which can be useful for those who suffer from some medical conditions.

Smart Clothing

For those who like to be n the cutting edge of technology, smart clothing might be the next frontier of wearable tech. Smart clothes integrate a variety of tech functions in them, depending on the article of clothing. For example, smart socks are an excellent tool for runners who want to correct their running gait. It tracks where the pressure of the foot goes while the wearer is on the run. Other smart clothes include smart work outfits that allow people automatic access to secure work areas while smart casual wear keeps track of a person’s location and how long they are worn. They can be pretty expensive, though.

Completing Your Kit

With all of the devices available, you have more options at your fingertips. Some tools can improve your health, while others allow for easier access to data and other services. Having some of them around can make your life much more comfortable, so you should decide which ones would best fit your lifestyle.

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