What Do Video Surveillance Analytics Watch For?

The presence of cameras and other elements of a security system provides a level of deterrence by their presence, but their impact increases when people monitor the cameras. Of course, two challenges for monitoring are the cost and limited attention span of humans doing the monitoring. However, the advance of artificial intelligence substantially reduces both challenges and turns some assumptions about video surveillance analytics on their heads.

AI allows companies to reduce the number of people monitoring cameras or, more often, help your personnel increase the number and effectiveness of cameras they monitor. Among the use cases for the tools is monitoring the presence of people in particular areas.

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One is intrusion detection, which occurs by defining a customizable area of interest and monitoring whether and when people enter. Similarly, the systems can check for the presence of individuals who loiter in areas of interest to security system designers. Other people tracking capabilities count the number of people in defined areas or crossing defined lines. Both capabilities have a variety of uses.

Video surveillance analytics also applies to vehicle monitoring, such as illegal parking detection based on whether vehicles enter and remain in restricted spaces. Alternatively, vehicle monitoring tracks individual vehicles moving within defined areas. In both cases, the system alerts personnel to vehicles that fit defined parameters.


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