3 Questions to Ask When Establishing the Brand’s Online Persona

In the digital age, everyone has an online persona. For individuals, it’s the image they want to present to the world. It shows the highlights of their life, which sparks envy from those who are living a less interesting life in comparison. For businesses, it’s the voice they use to be relatable to customers.

What kind of persona does your brand have? Here are some things to ask yourself:

Who Are You Talking To?

You are not online just because you want to be; you set up business accounts online to talk to your clients. You even spend money on a search engine optimisation company to help you reach a wider audience.

Even if you are present, however, you will essentially be useless chatter if you do not have a distinct voice. Everyone knows you exist, but they do not care enough to look at what you have to offer. That is partly because you did not give them any reason to remember you. You simply set up your business accounts and waited for them to find out.

In a market with stiff competition, you can get buried if you remain passive. Find your voice by finding your target market and talking to them directly. Talk in a way they will understand, using the language they are familiar with. Show them they have your undivided attention.

What Are You Offering?

The product or services you’re offering have as much to do with the voice of your brand as the people you’re targeting. An eco-friendly product would not speak callously about an environmental issue, while a brand who claims to embrace diversity in the workplace will not say anything detrimental to that statement.

It’s not policing your posts; it’s merely keeping in mind the image you have introduced to your customers. This says something about your integrity, as well. If you claim one thing and do the opposite, your authority goes down a couple notches.

What is Your Goal?


Your social media manager may have their own personal accounts, where they update everyone about the latest happening in their life. That’s fine, they can say what they want on their account. When it comes to the brand’s social media accounts, however, posts should have a purpose.

Whether it’s updating customers about your latest price reductions or announcing a new collection, use your voice to get to the point within the allowed character limit. Even random greetings usually have a point, which is to strike up a conversation or remind customers that you are out there waiting for their business.

On a boring afternoon, you could give them something to do to strike up engagement. Simply tweeting that it’s a boring afternoon will not do anything, however. Mind your call to action and make sure it’s something that sounds natural.

A business exists online with an established voice that helps it talk to present customers and potential clients. If you do not have that voice figured out yet, do it soon.

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