4 Considerations Before Redesigning Your Business Website

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The website of your company serves as a business tool. Think of it as a listing, an ad, a virtual storefront and a sales pitch. These functions are vital to your brand and contribute to the success of your business.

When you see your website this way, you may begin rethinking the whole design of your site.

If you’re in the stage of revamping the appearance of your business website, you’ll need a game plan to obtain the best outcome.

Here are four things you need to consider before you dive into a website redesign:

1. Assess Your Current Website

You need to take a closer look at your existing business website to determine exactly what you need for your new one. Evaluate the functional and design elements of your website and come up with a list of things you should stay and go. What’s more, think about how your site has hurt or helped your sales numbers.

When doing a site assessment, answer these two guide questions: “What issues will the new website solve?” and “What are my top reasons for overhauling the design of my existing site?”

2. Study Your Competition

When upgrading the overall appearance of your site, you want it to look fresh and original, not a cookie-cutter template or a photocopy of a competitor’s website. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should revamp your website without a frame of reference. You should still check the websites of your competition. This will provide valuable info about the trends and best practices for your sector.

Also, studying your competition will help you figure out why that particular competitor is successful. Careful assessment will enable you to determine their unique selling proposition. Use the data you’ve collected to find out the helpful and unique website features your competitor has that are not present in your current site. You can then integrate those features in your new and improved business website.

3. Factor in SEO When Redesigning Your Website

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If you’re going to overhaul your website, factor in SEO in your redesign equation. If necessary, ask help from a reliable SEO agency to aid you in this process.

You want to make sure that you achieve these SEO goals when overhauling your current website:

  • Target the right keywords on your website
  • Have well-written page titles, meta titles and meta description for your website content
  • Keep the site loading time as low as possible (not more than three seconds)
  • Fix technical issues that can undermine your search ranking, such as broken links and duplicate content

Hitting your SEO checkpoints will improve the online visibility of your business and allow customers to find you easily on search engines.

4. Adopt a Responsive Web Design

Mobile web browsing overtook desktop browsing back in 2016. Given that you’ll have some prospective customers browsing your website on their mobile devices, you should make sure that it loads and appears properly.

This is possible by making your website responsive. Your site should look visually pleasing regardless of the device and screen size used by your mobile visitor.

Take note of these four suggestions when thinking about overhauling your business website. Given that a redesign is a major project, sit down with your team and develop a reasonable timeline for this goal.

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