Trending Technologies To Master In 2021

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Change is constant, and this applies to your career as well. Upskilling isn’t an option anymore. It’s a need, and that’s because technology is evolving fast. A programming language that’s making rounds for this week may become obsolete in the next couple of days—and as more funds get invested in research and development, existing technologies continually improve while paving a pathway to new ones.

To stand out among the competition and grab more opportunities in your career, consider mastering the following trending technologies in 2020.

Big Data

Big data is the problem associated with processing and storing different kinds of data of a company. Thanks to its convenience, most large companies today rely on big data analytics to better understand their customers, product performance, and marketing initiatives. Online and digital marketing agencies can continually improve their marketing campaigns, catering to specific audiences with ease—providing high-converting strategies for long-term growth.

Data Science Technologies

Data Science Technology helps make sense of complex data, making it understandable even to those who aren’t tech-savvy. Businesses generate data in massive batches every day, including company data, sales information, customer profiles, server data, and financial figures. Such data will be transformed and analyzed, identifying trends and company developments.

The trends provided by data science technologies are useful for understanding the company’s overall market performance, client retention, and how to improve these areas indefinitely for long-term success.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things refers to a network of gadgets connected with each other. These devices automatically interact and share data and are usually connected via Wi-Fi, sharing information about their environments and how they’re being used. Additionally, they have a computer chip facilitating this exchange, streamlining the process more.

IoTs are most in-demand nowadays, with experts predicting that over 41 billion devices powered by IoT will be used in the upcoming years. So, choose a particular IoT gadget now and master it to grab better career opportunities.


Blockchain is a decentralized modern ledger, recording transactions under thousands of computers worldwide. This technology can improve security while speeding up data exchange in a more cost-effective and transparent method. It also dispenses with third-parties who wish to have a trust and certification feature in their transactions.

Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI is the technology used for equipping computer systems to make decisions like actual human beings. AI aims to perform complex tasks like pattern and speech recognition, accurate weather forecasting, and medical diagnosis. Today, navigation-based applications like Uber and voice assistants like Siri or Alexa use AI, automating several tasks, including traffic prediction, scheduling trains, making business decisions, and designing automated cars.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation automates tasks typically handled by both executives and working-class employees. More than 40% of daily tasks can be done systematically through this technological breakthrough, allowing workers to focus on more crucial tasks. In the future, experts estimate that robotic process automation will automate over 60% of all repetitive tasks, such as assisting customers and sending emails. Although it poses a threat to many low-level employees, it can generate numerous job opportunities in the automation industry.


Thanks to 5G technologies, most nations will now have access to lightning-fast internet connections, whenever and wherever. Besides fast internet speed, it will also bring other benefits, including higher capacity and lower latency. 5G technologies are now getting implemented in several devices, ranging from smartphones to laptops, ensuring faster and smoother online experiences.

Technology is continuously evolving. To keep up with this extreme development pace, you must keep up with the latest technology concepts—and the trends mentioned are some of the crucial technologies to master for better career opportunities in 2021.

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