Digital Facelift: Is It Time for a Website Redesign?

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Your website is most likely the first place prospective customers interact with your business. So, it is only essential that you capture the attention of consumers and build your brand’s credibility. You must keep your website updated to keep engaging users; otherwise, you risk losing customers.

Marketing, these days, is mostly dependent on technology, and technology is continually changing. Your website must be your most potent marketing tool. There are no rules on how often you should update your website, but there are some signs that it is time for a redesign.

It Has Been a While

If you cannot recall the last time you changed the design of your site, then it is time you hire web design services in Raleigh, NC to do an overhaul. Some of the items you need to consider when upgrading your site include a new project portfolio, second location, new product or service offerings, and awards and recognition.

Your Website Is Difficult to Navigate

Sites ought to outline what a business offers and help visitors browse through the pages without straining. You should consider a digital facelift if your visitors are not able to easily find what they are looking for from your site.

A high bounce rate is a clear indication that your website is difficult to navigate and that it is time for a redesign. Your site should also engage visitors and collect information via an opt-in form or contact form because it might be the only chance that you have to do so.

You Have a Branding Disconnect

It is expected that your mission or branding will evolve. Also, your target audience, along with some of your products and services, might change along the way, too. If that is the case for your business, make sure you analyze your site so that it continues to reflect your business branding.

Your Website Is Visually Outdated

While there are no set rules on how frequently you should upgrade your site, a website that is more than five years old is obsolete. Chances are that it has old background textures, content layout, font styles and image effects, which only show that your site is outdated. You should check out your competitors’ websites often so that your online presence remains relevant among consumers.

Your Website Lacks Basic On-page SEO

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If you want to rank high on search engines, your website should have a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Each page must have a unique title tag that explains its primary focus. You should also consider personalizing the way your site is displayed on search engines by coming up with unique title tags.

If any of the above signs remind you of your website, make sure you hire an expert to help you launch a site that will benefit your business even better. Notably, updating websites often requires dedication and time, but an old site is harmful to your business. Users will not return to your website if they realize that it is irrelevant and stale.

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