How Modern Technology Affects Businesses


The technology we have today is impeccable, and nothing like we have witnessed before. Now, almost everything is within reach with just a swipe of a finger. You can socialize, order food and other necessities, continue working and efficiently run a business just by using a smart gadget. The sky is the limit when it comes to innovation and here. Here, we will give you a rundown of the most important business aspects that have been significantly impacted by technology.


Regardless of whether you own a large company or a small scale business, digital marketing is now the hottest trend for promoting products. Many business owners are trying to keep up with rapidly changing technology by converting traditional campaigns to internet-focused advertisements. By using digital marketing, you’d be able to reach a wide range of audiences and potential clients. Some of the largest social media platforms used for digital marketing are:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Amazon
  • What’s App
  • Omegle

Customer Service

Today’s technology enables businesses to have an almost real-time engagement to the target market and existing customers. Interacting with your clients allows you to hear common complaints, answer product and service-based questions as well as improve your businesses’ overall performance. The vital information that you have gathered will help you steer your business in the right direction.

Service Engine Optimization

Service Engine Optimization or SEO refers to the process of enhancing your website’s visibility based on relevant searches. The more your business appears on searches, the higher the chance of potential clients knowing about your brand. SEO can be broken down into four major parts:

  • Organic Results – traffic that you do not have to pay for.
  • Quality of Traffic – traffic that attracts all types of visitors across the globe. It allows you to attract clients that are already interested in buying your service or product.
  • Quantity of Traffic – the amount of traffic you get once your brand starts to appear on multiple searches.

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Before, connecting to your team requires physical presence. Because of technology, we can now convert traditional office functions to an internet-based type of communication. We are now able to conduct a conference anytime we want, regardless of the location of your team.

Technology also helps improve the way your employees communicate with each other by sending real-time messages. Some of the most leading communications platforms are Google Meet, Skype, Zoom, and Facebook Messenger.

Storing Information

Gone are the days of paper documents stocked on large file cabinets. Now, you can secure important information on your gadget without worrying about losing paperwork over acts of nature. Now, we are using ‘cloud.’ The cloud refers to servers that can be accessed using the internet. They are located in data centers that are scattered across the world.

Cloud allows you to access all your important documents anytime you want, and anywhere you are as long as you have access to the internet. It also makes the transfer and sharing of documents easy and convenient.

Managing the Business Operation

In the early to mid-2000s, personal digital assistant or PDA is every business owner’s best friend because it allows them to work more efficiently and effectively. Generally speaking, PDAs are different types of mobile device that features a personal information manager. It can connect to the internet via extranet, intranet, ethernet, and Wi-Fi. Aside from being portable, PDAs are also easy to repair and maintain, unlike the old chunky desktops we used to use.

Technology nowadays also allows you to monitor your business operation remotely. If your business is trucking and delivery services, there are many GPS applications that you can use to get a real-time report of the shipment status. If you have an e-commerce business, you can also make use of computer soft wares that will help you speed up processes and monitor and meet deadlines.


Whether your business is being conducted at home or has a separate storage facility, ensuring your products are secure is a top priority. Before we rely on security guards to ensure our business’ safety, we can set up alarm systems that can be accessed and controlled via the internet.

Your tablet or smartphone can be synced to the CCTV camera, where you can receive alerts and see real-time activity. There are also some alarm systems that, when triggered, will immediately contact emergency response, such as 911.

It is without a doubt that technology has helped the human race to live comfortably and conveniently. Limitations have been greatly minimized, and the rise of smart gadgets allows us to conduct business anytime and anywhere we want.

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