Ways to Connect and Inform Customers About Your Brand

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Innovation is nothing new to Sydneysiders. Without innovative processes and products, it will not see the progress it enjoys now. With innovation comes a great deal of scepticism, however. Customers who don’t quite understand why they need your product need a little more convincing than family and friends who get information from your first-hand.

You need all the customers you can get. To do that, quell their concerns using the following:


A company offering SEO services in Sydney¬†will say you need to identify the keywords you want to rank for on search engine results pages. They may also recommend a company blog to keep a steady stream of new content linked to the brand. Now, they can’t tell you how to use your blog, but since you have it set up already, why not use it for a good cause? A post or two about how your products can solve common problems will surely be helpful in positioning your brand as a useful tool for customers. Answer questions they haven’t even thought to ask. Show them the many ways you are there to assist. Involve scenarios any given person would relate to. You can also use each post to target a specific section of the market so that you will not run out of post ideas.

Share Tips

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How-to videos are effective in generating traffic to your accounts, as they take the direct approach of teaching customers how to do one thing. Blog posts may subtlely hint at it, but videos can be their definitive guide. Thanks to the format, customers do not have to sit down and concentrate just to understand what’s happening. They can follow the videos as they do what they plan to do, and that usually involves buying your product. Don’t stop at how-to videos, either. Explore related topics to extend the reach of your product, and share behind-the-scenes footage to show people that you are an authentic company. These days, customers are not in it for the highly polished business image that a company projects. They would rather see the real people behind the brand.

Leverage User-generated Content

You want constant updates on your accounts, but let’s admit it: some days you just can’t think of anything creative. To keep brand accounts active on social media, share new content and engage customers, use those resources that are available to you. Encourage everyone to tag you in their posts using your products and if you find gems, go ahead and share them with your followers. The original poster will get more attention, and your feed has new content. Remember to always credit the original poster, of course, so that you will not be accused of stealing. You are sharing user-generated content as a way to benefit everyone, but do it the wrong way and you just might get rid of all your followers.

Your social media presence plays a big part in brand success. Know the many ways you can reach out and tell customers about your products.

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